Hiring 2D Animators


Role & Responsibilities

  • Full-scale 2d animated videos
  • Animated assets for content videos
  • Character animation
  • Motion graphics and kinetic typography in videos


Ideal Candidate

  • Requires a diploma or a bachelor’s degree (engineering / design / art / 2D animation / 3D animation / film-making)
  • 1-8 years of experience in the field will be useful
  • Applicant should be familiar with various concepts, practices, and procedures and should rely on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

 What Is Expected Of a Candidate

  • Must show a high level of technical skills and ability to create the animated movement and performance
  • Traditional animation experience and strong drawing skills are a must
  • Positive attitude with the ability to work within a team and actively problem-solve/troubleshoot
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task and think creatively while meeting deadlines
  • Specialization and/or expertise in classical animation, character animation, motion graphics, dynamic typography and others
  • Strong grasp of principles of design, layout and frame composition, and principles of animation is a must
  • Ability to follow storyboard and design reference accurately and work in a range of styles and work with a minimum of supervision
  • Working knowledge and experience with Adobe After Effects  ToonBoom, Character Animator, Adobe Animator, Photoshop Timeline Animation, etc.
  • Ability to spot and rectify shortcomings inefficient design practices and a strong intent to mentor and learn from peers

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