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Eye-Catching classes based on new technology:

Stuid’s tuition classes are based on the latest technologies that will surely change the fortune of your child. We have 3D animation classes and other visually impactful classes that will conquer children’s hearts as these sorts of classes are very interesting and engaging compared to ordinary lectures.

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Video Lessons

Video classes are way too crucial in this generation of revolutionized technology. Today, students like to visually view the topics that they learn through 3D animated videos and explanations. This helps the students grasp the portions very easily as they view them directly

Offline Video

As the name indicates, you can access the offline video even when you are not online. The main advantage of this method is that you can repeat and revisit the same page as you can view the lectures again and again without any obstacles. This process helps in deep learning and better understanding.

Audio Lessons

The Stuid learning app also provides audio lessons that help the students to attain an overall idea. Yes, audio lessons may not be that effective compared to 3D animation classes but in some cases, it helps. For example, If you have to revise or rewind a topic, this section will aid you.

Study Materials

Stuid learning app provides students with excellent study materials for each and every topic that too made in a simple manner. As you know, the development in technology is at its peak point right now, so online study materials have been more successful compared to traditional manuscripts and textbooks.