Chandrayaan 3: Will India’s dream become a reality?

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Indian space research organisation(ISRO) is playing an important role in developing the space sector of our country. Not only India but experts from all over the world acknowledge the success of ISRO. ISRO has successfully completed some of the biggest space missions on low budget. But there were some missions were ISRO had to face disappointment. One such failures was the Chandrayaan 2 which gave a setback to the lunar program of ISRO.The aim of Chandrayaan 2 was to send the Pragyan rover to the Moon’s lunar south pole. But it was a failure. The primary objective of the mission was to make a soft landing on the lunar surface and conduct missions from a robotic rover. India not only suffered heavy loss due to Lander’s crash but also raised many questions on the landing capability of ISRO. On 16 November 2019, ISRO’S former director  Prem Shankar Goel headed a failure analysis committee which prepared a report that showed that Chandrayaan 2 crashed crashed due to last minute software glitch. During the phase 1 of Chandrayaan 2, the lander was moving with the expected velocity but in phase 2 the lander could not reach the expected velocity and crashed very quickly 750m away from the intended position on the surface of the moon. But the Chandrayaan 2’s orbiter is still present around 100km above the moons orbit and it is still providing images and date of the moon to ISRO. Despite many issues, many experts consider chandrayaan 2 a partial success.


Chandrayaan 3: How is it different from chandrayaan 2?

Now ISRO is ready to execute its next Lunar mission called Chandrayaan 3. Chandrayaan 3 is scheduled for first quarter of 2023. In this mission ISRO will try to send a new lander and rover. Chandrayaan 3 will not have an orbiter Chandrayaan 3 will be launched with the help of  Geosynchronous launch vechicle Mark lll rocket. The propulsion module of chandrayaan 3 will work as a communication relay satellite. The lander in Chandrayaan  3 will be different from the Vikram lander used in Chandrayaan 2 which has five 800N engines. Chandrayaan 3’s lander will use four throttle-able engine. Chandrayaan 3 mission  will also consist of a laser dopler velocimetergrnment for additional 75 crores to cover machinery, equipment and capital expenses.



How the mission will impact Indian Space Program?

This mission will be a chance to show the world that ISRO has learned and adapted from its previous failure. It will also showcase ISRO’S low-cost space power. If the mission is successful India could become the fourth country in the world to land on the lunar surface softly. Only the USA, Russia and China have achieved this feat. Besides Chandrayaan 3 ISRO has planned another 2 missions in 2022 -Gaganyan and Aditya L1. Gaganyan is an Indian crewed orbital spacecraft. This spacecraft can carry 3 people and docking capabilities will be included in the upgraded version. Aditya L1 is a coronagraphy spacecraft to study the sun. The success of all these missions will make India a global space power.

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Two years after the lander and rover of chandrayaan 2 crashed, the orbiter of chandrayaan 2 is still transmitting crucial da100 from  about 100km from moons orbit.

It has a payload of 800kg to low earth orbit(GTO)

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