Eco-friendly plastic from salmon sperm

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Plastic plays a major role in our life and recently the development of plastic recycling is highly demanding and arduous. The threatening harmful effects of plastics to both the human and environment made researchers pursue their research on finding greener alternatives for plastics.


In China,Some researchers from the Tianjin University have developed a unique plastic material based on salmon sperm.This is achieved by combining two strands of salmon DNA with chemicals derived from vegetable oil. Dayong Yang, researcher and chief scientist at Tianjin University said that ‘To the best of our knowledge, the DNA plastics we report are the most environmentally friendly plastics known’.The result of their experiment is a hydrogel, a rubbery gel-like substance. The resulting hydrogel can be lyophilized and dehydrated into various shapes.


The production of this bioplastic can emit up to 97% less CO2 than conventional polystyrene plastics. It will also be recyclable using DNA-digesting enzymes. Finally, it can be submerged in water, turning it back into a hydrogel.These types of bioplastic represent the future of the plastics industry and an opportunity to reduce pollution on the planet.Researchers have tested several uses of salmon sperm as plastic. The team created mini circles and puzzle pieces to show how bioplastics can hold their shape. Researchers have even created DNA molecules from new environmentally friendly materials

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Even Though this new material  has so many merits, it also has some limitations. It can only be recycled with water, so we need to keep it dry or we can add a waterproof coating, but it’s harder to recycle. However, researchers believe it could be used in electronics and some forms of packaging that need to be kept dry.

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Bioplastics are considered to be plastics generated from sustainable sources , such as vegetable oils, biomass, etc., and, secondly, they break down naturally , thus avoiding the perpetually damaging effect of disposing of plastics.

The increased use of bioplastics is reducing landfill waste, utilizing renewable feedstocks, recycling petroleum based plastics and limiting the use of finite resources to create products etc.

A sustainable and energy efficient alternative to plastic with no toxic effects.And it is made from natural DNA and biomass derived ionomers.

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