Gender, Religion and Caste in Politics

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Nothing happens by coincidence in the field of politics. Politicians put in their best efforts to win elections. In India, gender, religion and caste are decisive factors when it comes to voting.

Role of Gender in Politics

From a biological perspective, men and women have separate anatomies. We all know that Indian society is highly patriarchal! Discrimination against women continues to persist. Gender discrimination is prevalent in the field of politics as well. 

Women are poorly represented in Indian politics. The different stereotypes existing in our society is the reason for their deplorable condition. Even now, many people in our country have the misconception that the role and responsibilities of women should be confined to household areas and raising children. Such archaic thoughts have adversely affected Indian politics!

However, recent trends are encouraging. Panchayats are providing 1/3rd of the seats to women.

Role of Religion in Indian Politics

As per the Indian constitution, there is no official religion in the country. India is a ‘secular’ nation. Citizens can follow the religion of their choice. Discrimination on the basis of caste and religion is strictly prohibited in our great nation!

But in reality, religion and politics in India are mixed up. It plays a decisive role in the political atmosphere of the country. ‘Communalism’ is a major threat to a progressive society!

Communalism gains impact when a certain religion or people belonging to a particular ethnic group elect themselves/reign supreme over the rest of the religions. ‘People’ belonging to the superior religion tend to come together to form a political party with set agendas, leaving aside the greater good of the nation. The religious politics in India is following the trend for sure!

With numerous political parties, ‘communalism’ is used as a tool for gaining political control/power. Politicians play the religion card to win polls. 

They turn the attention to minorities and ignite the fires of communalism in the people. This tactic divides the people of the country. During election time, politicians tend to cover up their unlawful activities in the name of religion.


Role of Caste in Politics

Caste too plays a critical role in the politics of our country. The caste system is deeply rooted in our society. Selection of government rulers based on their caste is an age-old practice in India. Majority of the population is caste conscious in our nation. 

Caste system has been prevalent in India since a very long time. The practices were rigid leading to hatred amongst people. Caste continues to play a crucial role in Indian politics.

In this blog, we have discussed the role of gender, religion and caste in politics.

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 Answer) Dividing people/communities on the basis of ethnicity, religion, beliefs etc.

Answer) Gender, Religion and Caste.     

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