Importance of solving previous year’s question papers

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Exams are always a case of fear, concern, and tension for many students. Solving previous year question papers is one of the solutions for this issue. Cracking previous year question papers have many advantages that may lead you to the path of success. Yes, many students are doing this procedure but there are many who still do not even care about this. If you are preparing for an exam, no matter what type of exam it is, practicing the previous year question paper is way too important. In this blog, let’s discuss the importance of solving previous year question papers.

Benefits of solving previous question papers

Boost confidence


As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, exams are always a case of fear, concern, and tension for many students. An important method to overcome this problem is cracking previous year question papers. This helps the students to understand the overall pattern of the question paper. The mark distribution, types of questions being asked, important questions, and important portions, everything can be decoded. After the cracking process, you will be having great knowledge about the questions going to be asked in the exam and this will raise your confidence up to the heavens. So try to crack the previous question papers as much as possible. This will reduce your exam fear and will boost your confidence.

Time management

time management

Time management is a crucial aspect of any examination. There will be a specific time for any exam and you have to complete the exam perfectly within that given time limit. This is a critical challenge for many students as this is not an easy ask. Many students fail to attend all the questions within the given time limit and this results in poor scores. Lack of practice is the main reason behind this issue. Solving the previous year question papers is a good solution to address this issue. Practicing numerous previous question papers will boost your writing speed and you can also acquire the idea of the required time to answer all the questions according to the mark distribution. Hence, practicing previous question paper will help you in attaining proper time management.

Helps students to apply their knowledge

Your task is not over after learning some specific chapters. Yes, you might have attained the much-required knowledge from each of the portions you covered, but that alone will not help.  All the questions will not be direct questions, there may be many twisted questions too. The thing is that you should have the capability to apply what you have studied. Solving previous question papers will help you to deliver this process. This helps the students to understand where he/she stands currently. This helps you to apply what you have studied and thereby can identify your strengths and weaknesses. So that you can realize your strength and rectify your weakness and move forward. This process will gently help to apply what you have learned and this will ultimately help you in your important exams.

Gives an idea about important portions

The problem majority of the students are facing is that there are plenty of portions to learn in each and every subject. But in exams, questions can’t be asked from all the portions. This creates confusion among students because learning all the topics requires a lot of time. The previous questions also helps the students in this aspect too. Students can realize important questions and portions through practicing many previous question papers. So that portions of less priority and significance can be neglected. Hence, learning time can be saved and most importantly you can understand the important portions.

Repeated questions can be identified

If you refer to previous question papers, definitely there will be questions in common in most of the question papers. These questions are indeed known as repeated questions. Hence, students can identify such questions and this may also help them to attain good scores in exams.

Helps in planning

Planning and preparation are way too important to achieve success. Practicing previous question papers helps you to gain great knowledge about the questions being asked and you can plan and prepare for your important exams according to these questions. Good planning always results in success and this will surely help you.

A mode of revision

Solving previous question papers is also a mode of revision. After your learning process, you can refer to some previous question papers and hence it becomes a type of revision that too covering all the important topics. This will also help you to reach the path of success.

A way of self-assessment

self assesment

Solving previous question papers is also a method of self-assessment. Getting a wide and versatile range of questions to solve will help you a lot rather than solving a few questions in your textbooks. In previous question papers, there will be a variety of questions that can test your knowledge. This is a kind of self assessment that will surely benefit you especially in your main exams. You can attain more ideas through this process thereby eradicating all your weaknesses.


After reading this blog, you might have understood the importance of practising the previous question papers, right? Yes, as many say practice makes a man perfect and this is applicable here too. So, why are you waiting for? Practice as many previous question papers as you can and reach the path to success. Another imperative fact you have to keep in mind- cracking question papers is not the only way to reach success, it is only one of the methods to attain success. You have to work hard and show great sincerity to acquire your goal. There are no shortcuts to success, the only way- work hard, hard, and hard

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