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Learning process: Online or Traditional? This has been a debate since online learning set a new trademark for the learning process. As you all know traditional learning method was the only form of learning method widely used before the introduction of the online learning method. Then according to the revolution in technology, slowly online learning methods came into the frontline. The unpredictable Covid 19 pandemic forced all the institutions across the globe to depend on online learning and within two years this learning method conquered the world like a boss. Currently, there is stiff competition between online learning and traditional learning. Which learning method is the best one? Which learning method has the edge over the other? Let’s discuss.

online vs Traditional

Online learning vs traditional learning:

Before going to online learning, let’s have a look at the traditional learning method. In traditional learning, the centre of focus is the tutor. The tutor will be delivering the class and the students have to focus on the tutor. The main advantage of this system is that all the students have to listen to the tutor and they can’t be engaged in other activities. Yes, the interaction will be there and this will help the students to become a very good social beings in the coming future. But, the issue with this type of learning is that there is a limited time and scheduled location. So that the anytime, anywhere strategy is not possible. Moreover, the tutor can’t easily handle all the students in the class and this will not provide a good and efficient result for all the students. Each student is unique and they have their own strengths and weaknesses. There will be students who have the capability to grasp ideas in no time. Such students may not suffer much in the traditional model but the problem lies with students who need more time and repeated lectures to grasp something. And this is the main reason why traditional learning is not giving 100 per cent efficient results. All students are not getting equal treatment and attention.

Now, let’s come to the online learning method. The online learning method is an internet mode of learning. This method was slowly developing years ago, but the recent covid 19 pandemic increased the demand for online learning. When all the educational institutions and offices closed as a result of the pandemic, all had only one option- the online method. Educational institutions started to inculcate online classes and offices used work from home strategy via online. In the beginning, many would have thought that this may be a temporary change, but even after the Covid cases went downhill, the online mode is actively being implemented. The main reason behind the success of the online learning method is its anytime, anywhere access which can be implemented quite easily. Many of the drawbacks in traditional learning methods can be rectified using online mode. The students can access this mode anytime from any place according to their requirements. If the classes are recorded, they can repeatedly listen to it and this will help students who have slow grasping capabilities. Hence, students of all complexities can easily access online mode of learning. Also, in traditional method, if a student can’t attend classes due to some issue, his/her attendance will be lost as well as they will miss the classes taken in that day. But, on the other hand, such problems may not occur in online sessions and can be easily compensated. Yes, online learning turned out to be a terrific success, but the fact is that this mode of learning too have drawbacks. The main drawback is that students may not pay attention sometimes as they are in their comfort zone and they can do whatever they want. Focussing on the screen for a long time may create some health issues in many students. Next is the technology issue, i.e, sometimes the internet speed gets down and in some remote areas this issue is serious. It is reported that in some small villages, internet is not even available. Another problem is the lack of interaction. In online sessions, the student will be alone without any interaction. This might make them feel solitary and may lead to many mental issues. All these drawbacks have to be rectified to yield an extraordinary result.

Online learning vs traditional learning

Online or traditional: Who is the winner?

Interesting question, right? Many have different opinions on this question. But, many of you would feel that the online method is the winner, isn’t it? But, the real answer is that neither of them is the winner. Both these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, students prefer the combination of online and offline classes and this is termed a hybrid class. The real fact is that both these learning modes are required for an effective education process. The main thing is that people have to change according to the changing generation and use the technology available at the time with perfection. 

So, which is the best learning method? Online or traditional? Let the debate continue.

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The main advantage of online learning is its anytime anywhere access.

All the students will not get equal attention and consideration.

The combination of online learning and offline learning is called hybrid learning.

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