Queen Elizabeth II: The Pride of Britain

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The long rule finally comes to an end. The great Queen Elizabeth II has bid goodbye to this world. This also marks the end of a golden era in British history. She ruled the UK for an amazing 70 years and 214 days becoming the longest-reigning monarch in British history. Her death has made the entire world in a state of disappointment. Such has been the impact created by this spectacular queen. Another astonishing fact is that 15 prime ministers served during her reign starting from Winston Churchill (1951-1955) to Liz Truss (2022 -present). She was also the head of the Commonwealth, the group of 53 sovereign nations. It was in September 2015, Queen Elizabeth become the longest-reigning monarch in history by overtaking her grandmother Queen Victoria who ruled for 63 years and 216 days. She was born on April 26, 1926 as the elder daughter of Prince Albert, Duke of York, and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She had less chances to attain the throne  as her father was a younger son of King George V. But in late 1936, Elizabeth’s uncle, King Edward VIII, resigned to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee. As a result of this, her father became King George VI and then 10 year old Elizabeth became the heir presumptive to the throne. Elizabeth was nicely influenced by her mother, who taught her about Christian faith and the demands of royal life. Elizabeth was educated by private tutors, with an emphasis in British history and law. She also studied music and learned to speak French language fluently. In 1952, after the death of her father King George VI, she attained the throne at the age of 27.

Why is Queen Elizabeth being loved by people?


Queen Elizabeth is the ultimate goodwill ambassador for the people in Britain. People love the queen for many reasons. Her incredible sense of style, her grace, her charm, and everything about the queen is special, perfect, and versatile. The imperative factor is her service for her beloved nation. She ruled for 70 golden years, working with 15 prime ministers, six Arch Bishops of Canterbury, nine Cabinet secretaries, and she had answered more than three and a half millions of correspondence throughout the world, thereby completely changing the fortunes of Great Britain. Many people also believes that it is the queen’s presence, hard work, and efforts that attracted millions of tourists to Britain. Another incident that shows the sincerity of Queen Elizabeth was the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of 2012 that was held on a rainy day in London. But still, against all the odds, the queen successfully participated in the auspicious ceremony holding an umbrella. Such sincere she was not only towards British people but also towards all the people in the world. Then, how can’t people love such a beautiful personality of her calibre? Magnificent, right?

Surprising facts about Queen Elizabeth:

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Despite being loved by people across the globe, there are some astonishing and surprising facts about Queen Elizabeth that will surely make your mouth open in wonder. These facts are listed below.

  1. If you want to drive a car, you need a driving licence, right? But to drive a car, Queen Elizabeth II does not require a driving licence and number plate. She also does not have any speed limits in traffic.
  2. If you want to visit any country, you require a passport, right? But Queen Elizabeth II does not require a passport to visit countries across the globe.
  3. If you commit a crime, you will be surely behind the bars, right? But, if Queen Elizabeth commits a crime, she can’t be arrested, instead any others can take the blame.
  4. Queen Elizabeth II has the power to even dismiss the prime minister of the nation.
  5. It is not necessary for Queen Elizabeth to pay tax. But still, the queen with golden heart paid tax that too from her personal income
  6. If you require some liquid cash, you need to go to any nearby ATM or bank to collect it, right? But, Queen Elizabeth has a private ATM in the basement of Buckingham Palace.
  7. Queen Elizabeth II made her acting debut in a James Bond-themed skit during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.
  8. Queen Elizabeth II has the right to pardon any criminal and free him/her from the prison
  9. Queen Elizabeth II owns all the swanns, whales, and dolphins in UK
  10. It’s not one or two, but 34 countries have Queen Elizabeth’s face in their currencies.


It is really difficult to influence and acquire the love of even a few people. But, Queen Elizabeth acquired the love of not only her own nation, but also the entire world. She was such a genius who had that capability and ideology to make a huge impact. Her death is a humongous loss, especially for Britain. The world will surely miss a great leader and most importantly a great personality with a golden heart. To rule a nation like Britain for 70 long years is not at all an easy task. That itself proves how successful and hardworking she was. The great queen has only left this world, but it’s zen percent sure that she will live in people’s hearts forever.

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