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We all are lucky enough to live in this generation of great technological advancement. We have witnessed many changes and updations in technology. Before 20 years, people with mobile phones were rare. Then slowly, the revolution started. Then came 2G, 3G, and then 4G which completely changed the entire world and now to create history, 5G is on the cards. 4G has been a grand success and consisted of spectacular facilities that satisfied people across the globe. If that is the case with 4G, just imagine the impact of 5G all over the world. With the introduction of 5G, the entire world is in a state of transformation, a historical transformation. In this blog, let’s check how 5G will impact our society and the phenomenal changes this technology will impart.

The Impact of 5G Technology

5G Technology

What makes 5G versatile from the previous generations? Let’s check out. The main advantage is that 5G is 100 times faster than its predecessor, 4G. So, issues related to speed can be compensated with ease. But it is not just the speed factor that makes 5G special. 5G provides low latency so that applications and communications running on 5G can connect and share data in near real-time. The low latency and high bandwidth inculcated by 5G also enable novel functions for the Internet of Things (IoT), extended reality, and edge computing. Edge computing and virtual networks help users to stay away from remote or hazardous places. 5G also incorporates many social values that can be very crucial. 5G can provide great contributions to health and well-being, infrastructure enhancements, and sustainable industrialization. 5G helps to shift to autonomous vehicles in no time so that drivers can be moved to office environments very safely and this can also control the issue of driver shortages. 5G can also inculcate connected devices that can monitor and verify crop health. Crops are one of the important aspects of human life and without crops, humans can’t survive that easily. So, it is very important to ensure the quality of the crops. Many questions have been raised about the quality of crops and all these problems can be easily sorted out with the arrival of 5G technology. 5G technology can impart smart cities that use IoT sensors to monitor and verify air quality and traffic patterns. This technology can also power hospitals that can diagnose remotely and that can address the complaints of patients very fastly.

Features of 5G Technology

5G Image

Some of the key features of 5G are listed below:

  1. High Speed- 5G is very faster than all the previous generations. It is reported that it can be 100 times faster than 4G, which means its speed can range up to 10 GB/S. On the 4G network, you can download a full HD movie in 10 minutes but on the other hand on the 5G network, you can download the same movie within 10 seconds!! Amazing, right?
  2. Low Latency- You might have experienced a lag while using the 4G network, isn’t it? The latency in 4G networks is 40-50 milliseconds. But, in the 5G network, you might not experience any difficulties as the latency in the 5G network is 1 millisecond or less
  3. Great Capacity- The capacity of 5G is said to be enormous. You can use a wide variety of applications in 5G simultaneously without experiencing any obstacles. These include IoT devices, and connected cars to virtual reality applications, a luxury that was absent in all the previous generations.
  4. More reliable and flexible- 5G is more reliable and flexible. There will be no dropped calls so that critical cases can be handled easily. The 5G network also contains network slicing which means physical networks can be divided into multiple virtual networks. This enables the user to use the required slice according to his/her needs.
  5. Great Battery Life- Yes, 5G will also help to boost the battery life of your device. It is believed that 5G can boost the battery life of devices by up to 10 times.


Technology is developing day by day and human life is upgrading similar to the speed of a rocket. With the arrival of 5G, human life is going to be easier. Today, we are nearing to a new technology that has the capability to transform the entire world and tomorrow we will be moving towards another technology that has great upgrades than the current one and the cycle will go on. All this will occur in no time and the message to convey here is that all the technologies should be used in the manner it is meant to be rather than misusing it. So, use the technology wisely and make exquisite benefits from it.

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